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Osteoporosis can be prevented by maintaining a healthy diet, regular load bearing exercise, avoiding cigarette smoking and avoid consuming excessive amount of alcohol.10

Adequate intake of calcium, vitamin D and protein

As calcium is a main component of bone, an adequate calcium intake is essential for bone health. The Institute of Medicine of the US recommends that women of 50 years and older consume around 1200 mg of calcium per day11.

The results of a survey conducted in Hong Kong Chinese showed that the average calcium intake of Hong Kong Chinese women is below 600 mg per day12.

Calcium supplements are a reliable source of calcium. Several different calcium compounds are used in supplements, including calcium carbonate, calcium citrate and calcium lactate. It is important to read the labels carefully to see how much elemental calcium each tablet contains, and to consult a doctor for the best form of calcium supplement.

The calcium contents of some common Chinese foods are as listed below.

* Source: Adapted from Center for Food Safety, The Government of HKSAR